Volkswagen is launching the new ID.3 with an extensive upgrade. The next software and infotainment generation and the improved operating concept are now also entering Volkswagen’s electric compact class. The augmented reality head-up display has been enhanced, a brand new Wellness App and optional premium sound system from Harman Kardon have been added. With the improved drivetrain, the ID.3 Pro S’s output increases to up to 170 kW. Pre-sales for the Pro S model (5 seater) with a 77 kWh lithium-ion battery (net) are now open; further variants will be available to order shortly.


Imelda Labbé, Member of the Volkswagen Brand Board of Management responsible for Sales, Marketing and After Sales: “The ID.3 Pro S represents the consistent further development of our product portfolio based on the needs of our customers. For example, the model now has an improved e-route planner and the option of preconditioning the battery. These are functions that have already been very well received by drivers of the other ID. models.”

New infotainment system and ChatGPT. The cockpit landscape in the ID.3 product line now has a new design. The latest-generation infotainment system features a larger touchscreen (diagonal: 32.8 cm/12.9 inches) and a new, intuitive menu structure. The multifunction steering wheel has also been enhanced, allowing for simplified and more intuitive operation. The driving mode selector has been removed from the housing for the Digital Cockpit and designed as a separate steering column switch – like in the ID.7, for example. Now illuminated and ergonomically designed, the touch sliders are located under the Infotainment system display and are used to control the interior temperatures and volume. The new IDA voice assistant can be operated with natural language. It not only enables a number of vehicle functions to be controlled, but also answers questions by accessing online databases such as Wikipedia. Another new feature is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) through ChatGPT.


Stronger and more efficient motor. The ID.3 will be equipped with enhanced version of the previous electric motor, which not only impresses with more power but also with economical consumption. In the German market, the ID.3 Pro S now delivers 170 kW as standard, while customers in other markets can decide after purchase whether they want to increase the basic output from 150 kW to 170 kW via function-on-demand. This “power-on-demand” option is new for Volkswagen and another component in its development of digital business models. Increasing the power to 170 kW improves 0 to 100 km/h acceleration to 7.1 seconds. The combined WLTP range for the ID.3 Pro S reaches up to 559 kilometres.

Faster charging on the go. When out and about, an innovative charging and thermal management function makes sure the battery is pre-conditioned ahead of the next DC charging stop. This means that the ID.3 Pro S is supplied with energy as quickly as possible on long distances. The battery is heated to the optimum temperature so that it can be charged with a maximum output of up to 175 kW. This enables the charging time to be reduced by several minutes, particularly in winter. When route guidance by the navigation system with the enhanced Electric Vehicle Route Planner is active, pre-conditioning is started automatically on the way to the next quick-charging station. Without active route guidance, the function can also be manually activated using the charging menu in the infotainment system. Practical: routes with up to 10 charging stops and 10 stopovers can be planned on a smartphone or on the web portal and then transferred to the Infotainment system.

Assistants on board as standard. The ID.3 Pro S already has a wide range of modern assist systems on board. These include Adaptive Cruise Control ACC, Autonomous Emergency Braking (Front Assist) with pedestrian and cyclist monitoring, lane keeping system Lane Assist, oncoming vehicle braking when turning function and Dynamic Road Sign Display. Also included as standard: the Car2X traffic hazard alert function. The system supports the driver by providing information on what is happening on the road and is therefore able to give an early warning of situations such as roadworks, accidents, the end of traffic queues or emergency vehicles.

New and enhanced systems. Equipment options include innovative systems such as enhanced Travel Assist with swarm data utilisation. This enables assisted longitudinal and lateral guidance over the entire speed range as well as assisted lane changing on motorways. Park Assist Plus and the memory function for the system (automatic execution of a saved parking manoeuvre over a distance of up to 50 metres) are available as optional equipment. Park Assist Plus has been expanded to include a remote function for remote parking capability via smartphone app. The exit warning system is a new addition to the ID.3 product line: as an extension of the Side Assist lane change system. Within the system limits, it can prevent one of the doors from being opened if a vehicle approaches from behind. The system issues an acoustic and visual warning and, in the event of acute danger, briefly prevents the door(s) in question from being opened.

Innovative Wellness App. The Wellness App is a new feature, developed for increased well-being while driving or during breaks. In the ID.3 Pro S, the app uses features such as background lighting, sound and air conditioning for this. The following wellness modes will be available in the launch phase: Fresh Up, Calm Down and Power Break. The modes can also be customised: a Spotify playlist can be used instead of the pre-programmed sound, for example.

New sound system. The ID.3 Pro S has received yet another highlight in the form of the optional 480-watt sound system from audio specialist Harman Kardon. The 12-channel sound system offers four preconfigured sound settings: Pure (neutral studio sound), Relax (easy listening), Speech (focus on spoken words) and Vibrant (dynamic live sound). The sound can also be individually adjusted according to personal taste by means of an equalizer.


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